Our History

Sessom Asia Pte Ltd

Sessom Asia, founded in 2002 by KC Chua Mosses, with modest beginnings, established a niche among clients who wanted something more than the standard approach to business.  Years of perseverance & determination, the company is now acknowledged as one of the major retail solutions provider.

Sessom Asia has gained much & strengthen our forte in this industry. In the process, we are able to provide a complete resource for our clients in many different industry categories.  While providing retail solutions, Sessom Asia felt that more can be done with its experience and expertise and find that it is right time to diversify and widen it business scope by introducing new Brand Names to the market in our region.

In late 2004, Sessom Asia set up a new Licensing arm. To bridge Brand Owners/Licensors to its existing and new business partners to instantly tap their existing production, distribution and marketing systems that these established companies may have spent decades building whom can substantially increase their business portfolio and volume.

In the coming years, Sessom Asia will aspire to grow into a global business with the strategic partnership with all our key business partners. The good news is we are still here. The better news is we are growing and enjoying what we do, and who we do it for, in the process of striving excellence in this journey.

Our Mission Statement

Sessom Asia will deliver the highest value to our customers, suppliers, employees and community as a Reliable and trustworthy company. We will identify, understand, anticipate and respond to every party’s needs and provide win-win solutions.

We achieve our goals and objectives by collaboration and working together. We treat each other with respect and cooperation in an environment of trust. We are committed to achieving the best results with a positive attitude and open communication.

We value people that set goals and produce results with a sense of urgency and quality. We focus on leadership with strong financial and operational performance, positive outcomes, and the ability to execute our top initiatives and conduct our business with the highest level of honesty, professionalism, fairness, dependability and ethical standards. We hold ourselves individually and as a team accountable to these values.