Our Story

During the 17th to early 20th centuries, France became Europe’s main fashion trendsetter and Italian fashion lost its importance and luster. Italy began to become competitive again in the early 1950’s and has since regained its position of importance in the fashion world.


It was during this period in 1945 that Luciano Poppa was working in a small tailor shop in Firenze. When his employer decided to retire, Luciano scraped together his life savings to buy his employer’s tailoring business.


Shortly thereafter, Luciano purchased a machine that made neckties, and this became his entre into the tie manufacturing business. Through hard work, impeccable workmanship and use of only the best fabrics, woven in Italy of course, Luciano grew his tie business large enough to open a small factory.

The Revolution

With the new factory, Luciano created the ALCIONE label which quickly became known for its high quality and flawless workmanship. After completing his business degree in the UK in 1984, Luciano’s son, Antonio, joined his father in the business.

ALCIONE tie sales expanded rapidly due to the combination of affordable prices and consistent high quality. As the brand’s reputation grew, ALCIONE became the major manufacturer of ties for renowned designers such as YSL, Armani, Pierre Cardin, Gucci, Hermes, Versace, Celine & Valentino.

It took 45 years, but by 1990, ALCIONE was the number two necktie supplier in the world!

Licensing Today

From 1990 on, ALCIONE s.r.l. continued to grow and diversify, extending the business beyond ties into apparel, fashion accessories, and small leather goods. Successful boutiques operated across Europe and Asia.


In 2007, with the global financial crisis and the loss of his father, Antonio decided to scale back his retail and manufacturing operations to focus on building the ALCIONE brand via licensing. Today, Antonio is transforming ALCIONE into a smart casual-fashion lifestyle brand. The licensing program consists of comprehensive tools including the brand guide, fashion style guide, packaging guide, marketing and retail enhancement materials.












Brand Strategy

Mission Statement
To create authentically high quality Italian fashion at affordable prices for fashion conscious consumers who can’t or won’t justify spending the high prices commanded by high end couture brands.


Positioning Statement
For fashion conscious consumers, Alcione is authentically high-quality casual Italian fashion at affordable prices vs. high end couture lifestyle brands. We do this by staying true to our Italian fashion roots while partnering only with like-minded manufacturers that can consistently deliver high value in design, materials and workmanship through highly efficient supply chains.