Season 1

‘Train World’ is a place only inhabited by trains.

Among the residents, there are special trains that can transform into robots,

the Robot Trains!

One day, all the tunnels got blocked

and the Train World is confronted a problem that needs to be solved.

Since then,

Things that have never happened before start to pop up.

The fastest train Kay, who is capable of passing through the blocked tunnels,

holds the key to save the Train World.

Let’s rail around the Train World with Kay and friends!

Season 2

RAIL WORLD, a world where Trains and Railers coexist, greets another busy morning.

Rail World is a world of trains, where it consists of 4 different regions.

The Water Land, a very vibrant place where the water flows endlessly,

The Sunny Land, where you and also the crops in the field can always enjoy the warm sunlight,

The Wind Land, the windiest place on Rail World,

and the Mountain Land, where the lava bubbles a few feet below the surface of the snowy mountain.

The 4 natural energies from each region – Water, Light, Wind, Fire energy – are the forces that make the world go round, which circulate and interact with each other.

In this Rail World, Trains and Railers live together in harmony through the power of 4 natural energies.


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