Born in 1999, Switzerland, Pilot Instruments Collection was created by two designers, one from the world of fashion and the other with a fighter pilot background. The two sparked the creation of a lifestyle Brand, while maintaining the original identity of military spirit coupled with modern designs. The fashion and designs have formed a winning binomial of robustness and class.


Pilot Instruments Collection, a product you can wear all day, in your free time as well as during your business hours; a watch identifiable but not flashy; comfortable and functional; a partner for your trip, be it from your house to your office or on an overseas business trip.


We pride ourselves to be a little bit boastful, a little bit daring and highly fashionable, inspired by pilots themselves. That’s why at Pilot Instruments Collection, our mission is to always achieve the best life has to offer; sometimes we even want the impossible.


We want to live life to the fullest, in the face of uncertainty over tomorrow, we want to be sure of today. At its core, a watch is a small timepiece intended to be carried or worn, designed to keep working despite the motions caused by the person’s activities. We want to recreate that, in the most modernized and fashionable way possible.

Lifestyle Brand

Through watches, a lifestyle brand is born. With a similar mission, it leads to opportunities and possibilities, extending its way into other product categories. The opportunities are plentiful and categories include Apparel, Eyewear, Fashion Accessories, Small Leather Goods, Footwear, Luggage, Stationeries, Perfumery and much more.

Global Licensing Opportunities