NX-5 was founded in 1965 by a badminton enthusiast who due to his ill-timed knee injury came to discover, and became inspired by, the need for high-quality sports protection and performance products at affordable prices.

The Story

Neilson Frederiksen, a doubles partner of a Danish National Champion, suffered his knee injury during training just before a major tournament where he and his partner were favoured to win. With his passion for the challenge and competition of badminton at the tournament level, and not willing to sit out, he went searching for a protective knee brace that would provide enough support to allow him to be competitive without re-injury.But, coming from a family of modest income, he soon discovered the high quality protection of the pro-level knee brace he needed was very expensive and out of reach. He sacrificed quality and went with a lower priced substitute for the tournament. All went well at first, but just as he and his partner were playing for the winning point, he re-injured his knee, they lost the point, and he could not finish. They forfeited and lost the tournament…

A Common Problem

At that point, he realized there must be many other athletes with similar or other common injuries who, like him, do not want to let their injuries hold them back.From his personal experience and strong desire to have the ability to continue to play despite injury, he uniquely understood the need.

NX-5 Is Born

He began researching the sports protective gear market with a special focus on the design, materials and technology in the high quality protective products available at the time. Soon he was fabricating samples and exploring alternative, lower cost materials. He offered the gear to friends for informal testing.

In response to overwhelmingly positive feedback, he launched NX-5 with basics including sports socks, insoles and sports compression sleeves first selling locally and then expanding to regional and eventually global markets. For four decades, NX-5 has stayed true to its founder’s belief that you don’t have to be a pro athlete to prevent and protect yourself form sport injuries and to feel comfortable as well as stylish in your sports gear.


Today, NX-5 has expanded to a wide range of products such as shoes, braces, bags and more. Over the years, NX-5 has become known for technological excellence, attractive contemporary styling, comfort and affordable pricing. With NX-5 products sports enthusiasts can afford to put stylish, top-quality protection and performance gear into play – whatever the level of their game.











Mission Statement
To give value conscious athletes of all levels pro-level protection from injury so they have the freedom and support to achieve their true potential (and look good doing it).


Positioning Statement
NX-5 provides athletes of all levels with on-trend pro-quality gear and apparel at affordable prices in the sports protection & performance industry. We do this by partnering with manufacturers with access to talented designers, the latest technology, and high volume, efficient factories.


Licensees around the world will be furnished with the tools needed to develop a successful NX-5 program:

  • Brand Guide
  • Trends
  • Style Guide
  • Packaging Guide
  • Merchandising Guide

All materials have been designed to deliver high quality, on-trend, on-brand merchandise.